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Finnair is the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, with its headquarters in Vantaa on the grounds of Helsinki Airport, its hub. Finnair and its subsidiaries dominate both domestic and international air travel in Finland. Its major shareholder is the government of Finland, which owns 55.8% of the shares.

A passenger details his bad experience with the airline saying, "I requested a refund from Finnair for my canceled trip to Japan, due to coronavirus. Finnair decided to send me a voucher instead and an email telling me to be patient and that they where working on my money-refund, but suggested that took the voucher. Their webpage also said to be patient and not to contact them - due to corona there was a large number of refund cases. And they send me one more mail, telling me that they are still working on my refund. I was supposed to go to Japan in mid April, the last mail came mid June. Today i decided that I could no longer wait for my refund and I called Finnair. They told me that the case was closed and I would not get my money back, because I waited too long. This is so not okay - when they send me emails telling me NOT to call or contact them and stay patient. So disappointed that I now have 2100 dollars (14000 dkk) voucher for Finnair that I really do not wish to fly with again, under any circumstance."


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cv:ssä (Former Employee) says

"kun menet portista sisään,tekniikaan..olet kuin avovankilassa.pomot ovat kuin vanginvartijoita tai vanhan ajan kapiaisia.sieltä ei saa poistua ennenkuin leimaat itsesi ulos...kaikki vahtii toisiaan ja pomojen suosikit juoruaa jopa tupakalla käynnistä...siellä oli pakko opetella tupakoimaan,tupakalle meno röökikoppiin on ainoa tapa saada hiukan hengähdystaukoa... Cons: vankila olot"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Need to adapt to International culture if wish to grow. Need to make English as Company language soon. Need to recruit International talent for many areas of office."

Former Employee - Computer Jockey says

"I worked at Finnair full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor salary scale and no growth"

Former Employee - Office Worker says

"I worked at Finnair full-time for more than a year Cons: Unclear direction & siloed culture, nothing gets done"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Finnair full-time Cons: Leadership sets vision but does not have forward thinking and understanding on how to reach it"


"I have been working at Finnair Cons: Leadership decision making (hiring as well) is based on gut feeling."


"I have been working at Finnair Cons: - Managements of this company seems to be getting progressively worse - Poor career path - Very slow reaction to the market - Following Nokia’s steps"

Current Employee - Maintenance says

"I have been working at Finnair full-time for more than 10 years Cons: insecure work place ,with low salary ,staff travel is expensive not many flights to choose from ,union can do nothing because of cheap labor in China."

Former Employee - Scrum Master says

"I worked at Finnair full-time Cons: Politics with in teams and looks bad"

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"I worked at Finnair full-time Cons: Salaries are quite low comparing to market"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Finnair full-time for more than a year Cons: Corporate slowness. Vertical decision making. Not really career path development."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Finnair full-time Cons: It is exhausting but is a good job"

Albert Christiansen says

"My wife and I booked tickets with Finnair in November from Copenhagen to Tokyo on the 3rd of January, as we were relocating permanently due to work. A week before departure the entry rules change due to the new covid mutation in the UK and South Africa. We call the Japanese Embassy to hear how it affects us, and they assure us that if we land in Tokyo before January 3 at. 00:00 we can enter the country as we have a category E visa (residency visa see attachment), as long as we can present a negative covid test taken no later than 72 hours before departure. We therefore rebook for departure on 1 January to ensure that we reach Japan in good time before the border closes. We perform a certified antigen test 48 hours before departure and have the results checked and signed by a doctor and written into an official Japanese template (where you can choose either PCR or antigen test see attachment) we must present on arrival. Due to the constantly changing rules, we decide on January 31 to call both a corona hotline in Japan, to make sure we can get into the country and they confirm that we have all the documentation in order. In addition to that, we call Finnair's hotline which confirms that we can fly with Finnair and enter Japan on presentation of a negative covid test (they do not specify that it MUST be a PCR test). We arrive well in advance two hours before our departure January 1st with all our documents and tests ready. We arrive as the first to the counter where two employees from Finnair receive us, with a lot of A4 sheets scattered across their table. One employee is negative and uncooperative from the start, and he checks the various sheets they have printed out and claims so obliquely that we cannot enter Japan because they have closed their borders. In addition, they will not let us fly with Finnair because we "only" have negative antigen tests and not PCR tests, which their call center did not specify the day before. I try to explain the situation, but they are completely oblique and refuse to call the Japanese 24 hour corona hotline who could have explained to them that we have our documents in order. Instead, they spend the next two hours calling around to various Finnair employees who either do not pick up the phone or cannot answer their questions. We try all the way through to explain the rules to them, but it seems that from the start they are sure that they are right and we are wrong. Eventually they say we can go down to the ticket office and then one of them will come out and tell confirm the rules when they have heard back from their head office. We sit and wait for 2 hours and meanwhile talk to the ticket office clerk in, who confirms that we can enter Japan well before 3 January at midnight, and that our antigen test is valid. The Finnair employees never return to us, so we rebook our tickets with a different company for the next day. On 2 January we arrive early at the airport and we check in without problems with the same documentation as the day before as the SAS staff have clearly familiarized themselves with the rules, and we fly to Frankfurt where we again receive confirmation from ANA that we have all our documentation in order, which also turns out to be correct as we passs through covid test and immigration at Haneda airport with no problems. This confirms us in our suspicion that Finnair does not know their own and international rules and states different things depending on who you talk to in the company, making it impossible for us to live up to their rules which obviously change on a daily basis. My wife shows them information we received from JAL about rules for entry into Tokyo, and one Finnair employee takes pictures and subsequently becomes more helpful as she can see that they may be wrong. In addition, they report us as no-shows to our departure which is completely incorrect as we arrive at the airport well in advance and their staff despite the fact that there are almost no passengers to the departure cannot figure out their own rules which means that we miss the departure to Helsinki and subsequently to Tokyo. Finally, I can mention that another passenger with the same documentation as us is also denied boarding despite the fact that he has also followed Finnair's and Japan's latest guidelines. On top of this my travel agency is now reporting that Finnair refuses to refund the tickets, even though they carry 100 % of the blame for not allowing us to board although all of our paperwork was in order. I understand that we are all in a difficult situation due to covid, but I have nevertheless never experienced worse service than we experienced on 1 January with Finnair."

Nigel Mears says

"I have only complained once about service received as problems can usually be resolved with common sense. The complaint was about Finnair in February 2019 and about their obstructive dishonest policies about compensating clients. They adopt a policy devoid of any attempt to resolve problems and clearly incentivise their laughable customer service department to behave stupidly. It is with regret that until this organisation goes into receivership they will continue to behave appallingly. Jus don’t fly with them. Also suspect that the positive reviews are sent by themselves"

Giles Andrews says

"An appalling experience that I will never forget or forgive. I flew with my partner from Bangkok on 29th October flight AY142. At the date of the flight I was disabled and had difficulty walking unaided. I used a wheel chair to the plane. Check in staff oddly altered our checked in seats and when we boarded the plane we were positioned centrally (Far away from WC facilities) and directly behind another passenger on a plane with perhaps 8-10 passengers in total due to covid. Before removing my leg supports and braces I asked the purser if we could move closer to the WC and away from other passengers. He smiled "Of course but after take off please." We duly waited and then moved after which I removed my leg braces to settle in for the 10 hour flight. Moments later a stewardess (I imagine the supervisor as she appeared the eldest and very dominant) came up to us shouting “Why have you moved? what are you doing there? you cannot move seats, these are more expensive than others......she launched into a long diatribe. (We were still in economy). I was not allowed to speak for some time and when I did I was constantly interrupted as I tried to explain we had obtained permission. She said “He shouldn’t have said that” and without consulting with her colleague launched into another tirade. When I then tried to explain that it would take me some time to put back my leg braces and straps to move she merely shrugged. When I asked if she would help us move with cabin baggage above she again shrugged “You moved here.” I asked if she would write her name down for me (Her name badge was obscured by her neck scarf) she shouted “Why!?” After I explained that I considered her manner rude. No not rude, abusive and aggressive she shouted “Right, I have had quite enough of you. I was going to allow you to stay there but now I am not. I am very sorry but I am going to report you as a disruptive and abusive passenger and for moving around the aeroplane during covid without permission and endangering passengers.” I would then have to deal with the authorities at the destination. She then stormed off. We had moved only once; after having been given permission to do so and well after take off. I was then left for many hours to consider the implications of being prevented from continuing on our connecting flights at Helsinki or worse being arrested. It is a very serious accusation indeed that she made and one without any foundation whatsoever. I did not drink any alcohol, was in control, albeit very annoyed, polite but firm. After several hours I spoke to the male purser that had given us permission to move. I would wish to access the Wi-Fi to reach out to contacts at the Finnish embassy before landing to seek their assistance in case of difficulty. Only at that point, several hours later, he said "oh she won’t file a report." Her actions were an abuse of power. She told me she was filing two serious complaints (neither of which were true) that would at least result in us being prevented from onward travel or at worse arrest at Helsinki. She didn’t threaten it, she said he was doing it. Thus I had the remaining ten hour flight suffering enormous anxiety as to the consequences. To reach out to contacts at the embassy or else where would have been humiliating and I have no idea what they could do in any event. I don’t know her name as she would not give it to me and her colleagues were reluctant to be involved. What an appalling way to act. I am a frequent flyer though this is the first time with Finnair. I will do my utmost to avoid them in future and urge you do too. I have never experienced anything like it. Such behaviour is indefensible. When we arrived at Helsinki, a disabled service was provided to collect us to reach the gate for our connecting flight. That service was the best I have ever encountered and exemplary. However, despite that I cannot forgive the earlier appalling conduct. It was vindictive and unjust. It ruined an already difficult journey for both my partner and me."

Abhijith Gopakumar says

"Worst flight booking experience I ever had. It was during the pre-COVID time (sometime within the past two years) when I booked a flight to India. They took information about my citizenship details and came up with a flight that had multiple layovers in Europe. Usually most airlines in the US provides a warning about layover visa requirements considering that a general traveler may not be familiar with all the hard-to-notice rules of every country in the world. Finnair provided nothing of the sort. Eventually, I was at the airport and when faced with a layover country visa issue, the Finnair customer care didn't even care to assist with my questions regarding flight postponement and other alternative ways. Their customer care team responded in the same manner as a legal team trying to get things off their hand while keeping my money. An "I tricked ya and got your money" was the only phrase missing in their email. I lost about $1200 that day."

Paul says

"BE NOT book a seat with this airline!!! Finnair have cancelled 3 flights of my flights already, even though 2 of these were re-scheduled by phone. It's nearly impossible to get through to their call centre. Furthermore, they give no option to rebook cancelled flights online. Of course they will cite coronavirus as the reason for each cancellation due to 'extraordinary circumstances' laid out within EU Regulation 261. However, from a legal standing point, this regulation does not protect the airline under the 'extraordinary circumstances' rule if the real reason is found to to be financial, whereby flights are cancelled with less than 14 days notice due to falling demand caused by the virus. Finnair are clearly using the coronavirus as a blanket excuse to fob off customers and avoid liability for what is, in reality,their own economic considerations. In this regard, customers are legally entitled to full compensation IN ADDITION TO either a full cash refund or a replacement flight. In my case, since there were no enroute restrictions due to border closures, and in fact Finnair were/are still operating flights on the same route as the cancelled flights, clearly coronavirus cannot be deemed as a valid excuse for cancellation. I have repeatedly requested that Finnair explain their justifications, and each time they have blatantly ignored my request. They simply reply with pre-prepared sets of excuses and patronising comments that in no way address the customer's concerns or questions. An example of their Cut and Paste procedure is given here: 27.08.2020 13:40 Dear xxxx, Thank you for your reply. ‌I appreciate the opportunity to look into this further and am glad you brought this matter to our attention again. It is never a pleasant task to deny a passenger's request, as we realize the impression this may leave with our customers. Under the circumstances, it is the consensus of opinion that our position as previously stated must remain unchanged. Of we are very sorry for this unfortunate experience and the position we must assume in this matter. 24.08.2020 19:36 Dear xxxx Thank you for your reply. ‌I appreciate the opportunity to look into this further and am glad you brought this matter to our attention again. It is never a pleasant task to deny a passenger's request, as we realize the impression this may leave with our customers. Under these circumstances, we respectfully maintain our resolution, as new factors have not come to our attention that would cause us to change our decision. So not consider using this airline. If you have unfortunately experienced a similar experience with Finnair, stand your ground, be persistent and be prepared to engage legal services as I myself shall now be doing. And please share your experiences with others."

Family Schwarz says

"Finnair sold my family tickets during covid-19 with fully awareness that we are swiss citizen. during a layover in SIN finnair staff refused us boarding our flight to helsinki because we are swiss. my family got stranded and had a nightmare trip. the worst of the whole story is, that in the end, finnair made me pay for the unnecessary made flights. i lost over 3000 Euro !!"

Lars Bjødstrup says

"I don't believe it: Our flights were cancelled back in March, Finnair gave the possibility of a refund - and I immediately requested that. Today - as July 27th - they finally got back, just to tell me to contact the agent who issued the tickets. And they can't be reached due to whatever reason. I didn't believe a national airline company would be so untalented! Thanx for NOT and NEVER flying Finnair!"

Fanny Bøgelund says

"I requested a refund for my canceled trip to Japan, due to corona virus. Finnair decided to send me a voucher instead and an email telling me to be patient and that they where working on my money-refund. Their webpage also said to be patient, due to corona there was a large number of refund cases. Today i decided that I could no longer wait for my refund and I called finnair. They told me that the case was closed and I would not get my money back, because I waited to long. This is so not okay - when they send me emais telling me NOT to call or contact them and stay patient. So dissapointed that I now have 2100 dollar (14000 dkk) voucher for Finnair that I really do NOT wish to fly with again, under any circumstance."

Alice Shaw says

"Wouldn’t give them even 1 star if I could. My cancelled flight was 16 WEEKS ago. I have rang dozens of times to be told completely different stories every time, one day told it’s been processed and I should receive it by a certain date, which of course doesn’t happen. Then told it was never processed. Then told I gave them the wrong email so they couldn’t contact me (even though they’ve sent loads of emails to the correct one about said refund) gave them my bank details at least 4 times. And to top it off been hung up twice in the past 2 days. Told to ring back after 4 the next day if money not received, then told I’m not telling the truth and I was never told that. Complete scam of a company, do not ever book through them. I appreciate things are taken longer than usual, however being lied to every time I ring is absolutely out of order."

Pake says

"I booked my flights through Finnair because I thought that I can trust them so I can get safely back home...I was SO wrong about it. I booked the flights almost 2 months before the departure date and about 3 weeks before my departure I noticed that 2 out of 3 flights were cancelled. I didn't get any messages or information about this from Finnair. I called their customer service in Sydney and this woman with an accent was being very unhelpful and just kept on telling me to call to Finland. When I asked her to reroute my flights or at least transfer my call there she couldn't do that. I wanted to file a complaint about her but she didn't even want to give her name and then hanged up on me. Terrible customer service, please if you're in AU DON'T call to their office in Sydney, these people have no idea how to do their job and they should hire more capable people as soon as possible. After this I contacted Finnair through chat and heard that they can't reroute my flights because the airlines and the transit cities should be exactly the same. That whole flight connection was cancelled by another airline so this is impossible but still they couldn't change my flights and book an alternative route for me via different cities to get back home. This is ridiculous Finnair just keeps on taking more money from customers, then cancelling the connections and eventually forcing them to cancel the whole reservation. After this they will keep your money for about 12 weeks(because they're "busy) before they give it back to you. Don't use Finnair if you really want to get safely back home! Use Qatar Airways instead."

Troy Keiser says

"Was flying from Chicago to the UK then onto Switzerland . Then Trump issued a travel advisory. Took two days of constant calling to finally get somebody in costumer service. After going back and forth regarding travel advisories and Finnair obligations to refunds. I was told it would take at a minimum 10 weeks for them to apply a refund to my credit card. That was March 14th. It’s now July 16th I called Finnair and they said there not responsible for a airlines are just that. You get what you pay for. Don’t do business with this outfit. Shame on Finnair."

Kevin Stacey says

"Spent most of the last 2 days trying to contact Finnair UK customer service - they never answer the phone. You are just put on perpetual hold - a complete waste of time."

Ellie says

"I had a flight booked to fly from LHR to ICN (Seoul) at the end of MARCH 2020. My flight was cancelled and I have still not recieved a refund! Its mid july for god sake! Travel agency cant issue the refund unless the airline releases it. (thats the agency's reasoning for the delay). I have never experiences such a pisspoor airline service in all my travels. HORRIBLE SCAMMING AIRLINE! air ref:SJT2PB"

Alexander says

"14th week in since my refund application but no refund has been issued yet. never flying with them ever again... it's not just the delay in the refund process that makes me livid. it's mostly that they're being deliberately vague about their refund cue and how it's handled. the most recent email i received from them contains no time window for the wait whatsoever. as far as i read, it's a fact that they're strapped with cash from the state of finland. so... it seems like they're creating artificial bottleneck in the refund process in order to hold on to the cash they've received for this specific purpose. not cool..."

Joe Purslow says

"My booking reference number is J6LCC8. I requested my refund of £700+; waited 8+ weeks for this as advised; called them again for an update; they 'escalated' my case and advised me that I should receive my refund within 3-5 working days. Its now been 10+ weeks in total and I cannot even get through to their customer services on the phone. Having read other people's reviews- am I ever getting my money back??????? LEGAL ACTION: CONTACT ICAO DIRECTLY Extremely poor service."